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Spectrum Stories

Spectrum Stories is the name of the ongoing series of anthologies I'm publishing of student stories. Originally, I intended to publish all students from each semester, but the overwhelming amount of work after the class (as much as two years) has made it impossible for me to continue doing this. The first antho's class was Fall 2009; it's now February 2012 and I'm only just about to publish it, with three more behind it. As such, I will be inviting capable students from future classes into future themed anthologies.

The anthology themes have always followed a naming convention, and I'll continue doing so. The convention is:

[Article, pronoun, or possibly adjective]   [Adjective]   [Color]   [Noun]

So we could have An Ugly Red Phone or A Big Green Duck or The Funniest Purple Clown or Any Old Yellow Sign or No Fat White Worms.

The obvious common thread is a color, which is why the series is called Spectrum Stories. So far, there have been three anthology titles:

Spectrum Stories #1

A Quiet Blue Wheel
Spectrum Stories #2

An Odd Red Puzzle
Spectrum Stories #3

The Forgotten White Door
Spectrum Stories #4

That Amazing Green Toy

As these are published, I'll link to pages providing more details about them.

The goal is not to get rich, and locally produced anthologies won't likely make us rich. A portion of any profits will be donated to Literacy Volunteers of Bangor. The goal is to publish students who may begin class with writing that is very rough around the edges, but who learn to streamline their work and produce stories that are fun to read for anyone. If there are any profits off these anthologies, some of the profits will be donated to a local charity.