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I used to park writing resources here, but since I've been teaching a class called Creative Writing: The Short Story at Bangor Adult Education, it has made more sense to put that information there. Here are a few things of interest at that site.

  • Writer's Glossary - A hyperlinked list of common terms in the industry, with some examples of various writing forms
  • StoryBoard - A quick, seven-step process from writing a story to submitting it and going through publication. This easy process does NOT claim to make you publishable; it just aims to show you how it's done.
  • Helpful files such as:
    • Manuscript template - A basic, ready-to-go template that should satisfy most editors.
    • Manuscript-format example - An example of a manuscript in PDF form, told as a story with characters who are discussing the document in which they appear.
    • Submitting your work - The ABCs of submission.
    • Cover-letter examples - Five sample cover letters, with notes on why they work or don't work. Then again, every editor has different tastes.
    • Contract example - A typical writing contract. They can get much more complicated, or they can be far, far simpler. This three-page contract is one I used for an anthology.
  • Methods of writing - A comparison of handwriting vs. typewriters vs. computers. It's amazing how many people are afraid of computers or would rather spend loads of extra time handwriting or typing. Here's my comparison of the three forms, and their benefits and drawbacks.

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