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  • LinkedIn: View my LinkedIn profile, including online recommendations, by clicking here.

  • Bangor Daily News: During nine years at the BDN (8.5 of it as a staff writer), I was the project manager for over 130 Special Sections; contributed to dozens of others; photographed; edited copy; served as assignment editor; and wrote for The Weekly, the BDN's weekly newspaper, for over two years. Learn more on this page.

  • Fiction: I sold my first short story in 2000, and have sold over 50 since (including many under pseudonyms not listed on this site).

  • Publishing: I co-edited two anthologies, which got me excited about that end of things. I have since edited and published four other anthologies, with others in the works. Learn more at

  • The Cud: I first contributed to The Cud, a Web site out of Australia but run by an Australian-American living in the U.S. In 2011, I began contributing a monthly short-fiction column. Learn more here.

  • Other: I have written for other venues, such as Brutarian magazine and Uncle John's Bathroom Reader. Learn more here.

  • Teaching: From 2007 until 2014, I taught regular classes on short-story writing through two adult-education programs. I began at United Technologies Center in Bangor for the first semester, then moved to Bangor Adult Education. I resigned in early 2014 to focus on other things, but had a lot of fun helping aspiring writers learn how to craft stories and get published.

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