Welcome to my writing site! Please check my WRITING CREDITS page, where excerpts from nearly all of my published fiction stories are available. Read about my writing, editing, and publishing projects on this page, or visit this page to learn about me.
My Online Resume
I'm in the market for a new day job, or for freelance opportunities that interest me. After nine years of writing for the Bangor Daily News, I left that job and am now seeking my next new writing challenge. Fiction, nonfiction, advertorial, feature, news, profile, historical, copy writing, copy editing --you name it, I can do it. How can I help you or your organization out? Read my resume here.
Cud Flashes in the Pan
I've been writing a monthly flash-fiction column on The Cud. It started out as a story here and story there for Evan Kanarakis, the editor of The Cud, but in 2011 became a regular monthly column. I've never been one for posting my fiction for free online, but have changed in my old age. And this has been LOADS of fun, not to mention somewhat demanding every month. Like I tell my students during the second week of class when we do a flash-fiction exercise, "shorter" doesn't mean "easier." Check out links to free fiction here!

Now Available - Anthologies
Here are two anthologies I recently published. A Quiet Blue Wheel is comprised of stories from my hard-working writing students. The book also includes my contribution, "The Curse of John Trafford's Grave." ... The other is Salacious Tales, a collection of 22 stories of sci-fi-, fantasy, and horror... that are also erotic. Don't let the kids catch you with this, but it's a collection of well-written stories, not the kind of plastic-wrapped smut you find on the porn rack. Not that I know about those from experience. Learn more about both anthologies at www.EpicSagaPub.com.

I've launched Epic Saga Publishing, with the goal to publish niche publications with interest to particular groups--such as 2011's Atheist Tales and 2013's Salacious Tales. My plan is to slowly build a stable of quality titles that showcase great fiction by skilled writers, and which remain in print. The content will vary widely, with a theme of niche titles that will appeal to particular people. Learn more here!
Breaking Into TV and Film
Yeah, right. After years of learning the business of submitting short fiction, and becoming successful enough to rack up lots of published credits in print magazines and anthologies, not to mention teaching students how to do that, I'm trying to get into teleplays and screenplays. It's like being sent back to kindergarten! The biggest challenge: getting an agent--any agent, any agent at all--to even respond to a query. Read more here.
An Overview of My Fiction
Wikipedia's definition of speculative fiction is pretty good, if you ask me: "Speculative fiction is an umbrella term encompassing the more fantastical fiction genres, specifically science fiction, fantasy, horror, supernatural fiction, superhero fiction, utopian and dystopian fiction, apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction, and alternate history in literature." I don't only write speculative fiction, but it's by far my preference. Read here to learn why.
A Game Is Writing, Too
Nothing to link to yet, but a huge role-playing game project I've been working on for a very long time is coming near to completion. I can't wait to finish it and publish it, mostly because I'll be able to die feeling I've completed such a long-term project! Not only does it include a core-rules book, but it includes a vast campaign setting that will likely top out at 700 pages and over 500,000 words of detailed source material. I'll update when the game company's Web site finally goes live.
New Book: Lost Souls
After years of working on various novel projects, one I started several years ago, and worked on diligently, is done and being shopped around to selected agents. The book is Lost Souls, and it has been a solid part of my life for some time. Read more about it here.
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